Our current Team

Leïla Prud’homme

Editor in Chief, Campus of NANCY

Leïla is French and also speaks English and German. Philosophy and history are her subjects of choice, which brings her to mostly target social movements in her papers and is the guiding force behind her plan to become an academic researcher. She is mobilized in feminist associations at the Nancy campus and gladly attends Gender Studies classes between Volleyball training sessions. You will find her in her element while mixing techno music at her coloc’s party. 

Rhea Mehta

Head of Strategy, Campus of LE HAVRE

Rhea loves drafting plans and thinking way too ahead which is probably why she’s head of strategy. She is currently studying Economics and Sociology at the Le Havre campus and will happily debate for long hours on South Asian politics or history. She loves to write and has also written several articles on various social science themes. You will probably find her walking around faster than normal people and always, with a coffee. She can speak Hindi and English fluently, hold a decently long conversation in Mandarin and claims to know French but will say “je ne parle pas beaucoup français” when you try to converse with her in French.

Barbara Kuza-Tarkowska

Head of Content, Campus of MENTON

Barbara is a Political Humanities major at the Menton campus. She loves writing and thinks it’s the best way to raise important issues and make sense of today’s world. Her other passions include reading, baking, and debating about international politics. She speaks Polish, English, French, Russian, and is trying very hard to learn Arabic. 

Marie Léveillé

Head of Marketing, Campus of PARIS

Marie is from the Paris Campus, she loves philosophy and history. She is also greatly concerned about discrimination in all forms and environmental issues, that is why she’s involved in several associations where she spreads messages about what matters to her through writing, debating, creating content. This is why Marie is head of Marketing. When you bump into her, she is usually carrying a lot of books and her iPad which she uses to draw and edit videos.

Pauline Cavallier

Head of Partnerships, Campus of DIJON

She is currently studying Politics and Government at the Dijon campus. She is a reader and film buff, and a keen debater of French, European and international politics, society and the environment. She loves writing articles. Not a day goes by without news and coffee. She is fluent in French, can hold a decently long conversation in Italian and her English is ‘improving’.