Who are we?

Sciences Political Review is an entirely student-run publication that aims to provide an outlet for all Sciences Po undergraduates to express their opinions, unique insights, and analytical thinking regarding political, social, and economic issues around the world. We provide a platform for undergraduates to amplify their voices across all the geographically separated campuses to the greater student body.

Regional Focuses

Inspired by the regional focuses of each of the undergraduate campuses of Sciences Po, Sciences Po Political Review is too divided into categories that represent different regions of the world: Europe, The Americas (North, Central, and South), Africa and the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific (Australia and the Pacific Islands). Each article gets placed in the category or categories that best corresponds to its subject.


Sciences Po Political Review includes a variety of forms of articles (in both English and French): opinion editorials, policy reviews, political commentary, analysis articles, and illustrative work (such as political cartoons). Sciences Po Political Review also includes features articles on student organizations in the seven undergraduate campuses that focus on raising awareness of political, social, and/or economic issues.